Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An overdue OOTD

I luck out and work in a business casual setting with a large mirror in the ladies room. I think this will take a lot pressure of my blogging wants since I can snap a photo and then type type type.

I scored this lil cream dress for a whopping 14.99 at Walmart in the beginning of the year and its great because as we know I live in Texas it's hot as balls and I don't wanna wear pants when it's so freaken hot. I will cry the day this sweater bites the dust it's been my favorite for the gosh 6 years I have owned it. It was a clearance find at target ( as were my nude flats ) and I pair it with everything you can imagine.

My BFF took her NCLEX today which I know she passed and I'm excited because we are way over due for ridiculous girl time.

I have to get some shut eye I am super tired weekly ootd coming soon!

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