hello I am leslie, or voss, or lady, whatever else you may call me to catch my attention, just please dont call me les

I have been in the blogging community for 11 years starting off on lj, moving to being hosted and the finally making a home on blogger. I have blogged about the woes of being a teenager the struggles of being a sibling to a special needs sibiling, to fashion and beauty to food and films. To now just every day life of being a wife a makeup artist and a girly girl.

I present to a few fabulous factoids
I love to cook after doing makeup there is nothing else that I would rather spend my day doing.
My life revolves around list. You can seriously track my every mood from my agendas.
I crochet and knit and I am not good at either one.
I have an insane addiction to paranormal topics.
I have a deep understanding of the power of cheese.
My favorite color is purple.
I am a glee fanatic and I am not ashamed of it!
I proudly sport three tattoos with plans of more in my future
I am a fur-mama and there is nothing wrong with that.
Local art excites and inspires me alot! I treasure the talent that is around me.
Roadtrip? SIGN ME UP! I have planted my feet in 2 countries and 26 states!  

I have a nomadic heart and I am at peace with the windows down, heading down a high way on an adventure.
Coke and Cake Vodka is my drink of choice lately

and yes the way I write is exactly how I talk ...