Monday, June 10, 2013

Tap Tap Tap

... Is this thing still on? Oh yeah hey there blog world that I like to disappear from like all the time.

We are packing right now getting ready to move out of our rental home of three years and back into an apartment because its simpler and easier. And it will have a dishwasher. You don't know how much you miss an appliance until your husband is bitching daily about washing dishes ;) It is an accumulation of three years worth of crap okay not all crap but still it's a lot of stuff.

Life has been good a new job I have been here at company y for about hmmm 3 months now and it's good stuff I work with good people. It's a challenge knowledge wise but it really what I had been missing since leaving company x.

We are dealing with the progression of my grandpas Alzheimer's preparing our self with what's to come. He doesn't eat much anymore and his memory is to the point where my mom and dad don't think it's best for me to go alone anymore since it will upset me. I just keep my mind on the memories where he knew us and he was healthy.

I have to get back to this madness of packing. Hopefully with the ap on my phone ill be blogging more often xo..

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