Sunday, November 25, 2012

can my brother read my mind?

or just my blog...

I really think its the second. today my brother called family and had us all over for a non thanksgiving thanksgiving meal, mexican food woot woot.
We laughed we ate we laughed we ate some more. and now I am in a semi food coma. My favorite past time as of the last few months has been sitting with my nephew who is a kindergardener as he tells me how much he loves school. I asked him baby what are you going to be when you grow up and he told me "I am going to be a scientist" i asked him what kind of scientist and his response "The kind that does science stuff." I can handle that. We sat outside and told secrets "pshphsyshshshsh." It was awesome and it was completely what I needed to make up for this past week.

This morning was different though I went with my hubby and his airsoft team to go cheer them on as they played a friendly game of attack and defend in La Vernia. Nothing like seeing some boys and our very own Julie with their guns getting all ready for a battle! It was really cool to finally see what this was all about and why they are so excited for it!

I am almost completely heeled up to go back to training again. Thank god I already miss running and its just only been 1 week of no running. My goal for these next two weeks is to steady my pace to hold at 10 mins. Weak sauce I know but I am a chubby girl with asthma so 10 mins is the current baby step I am going to be aiming for. And HA i got a package in the mail the other day and it was a running shoe which I apparently left in the guest bedroom of the Hubs aunts house. I own too many shoes when I dont notice I am missing a single sneaker.

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