Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Real Talk

For Starters, I am not following any sort of mantra format on this blog anymore. I miss just plain ole blogging , if I wanna do an outfit of the day I will a beauty thing I will if I upset I will vent, if I am happy I will rejoice. I am going old school style back into the time where cam girls ruled and live journal was the place to blog ;). You will see my nails alot and simply because I like my nails painting pretty colors and showing them off.

Thanksgiving in my least favorite time of the year. I feel like my family has given up on making it special anymore. I love my family dont misunderstand that. But ever since my grandma passed away ( which was the day after thanksgiving one year) everyone has just given up. Gone are the days of bringing out the good china and a nice table clothe and everyone being there by 330 to eat dinner we ate together and we prayed together.   I know that we have to share family with in laws and this year my older brother was with his and every other year/holiday I am with my inlaws. But this year has been the worst year so far. We ate off paper plates and we didnt even wait for everyone to get to the table before we started eating.  Some of my family were even late because they were with colleages prior. I know that this time of year is not a picnic for anyone especially my mom. I just wish that everyone rather than groan that I am making a big deal out of the importance of the holiday to be happy, would stop and remember that my grandma would not be having it with the way things are lately

Why not have it at your house then and you can quit yer bitchen.... I have tried this. I was told my house is too small there was nothing to do for the kids and that I was being pretentious and making abig deal out of a holiday. I just dont know what do anymore... I just know that thanksgiving makes me really sad now.

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