Tuesday, May 1, 2012

flows and gym jams

Man I am comfortable today! I love this dress its a maxi dress and honestly who doesnt love a maxi dress. I must have stepped on this like a million times so lesson learned no flats with this dress.

Today Pandora was my work out best friend! It came literally was rock away, boy, gold digger, make it rain and super bass and I caught a damn good rhythm and pace! I have been flipping my behavior to waking up early to get my butt to the gym. I am holding myself accountable for my weight and my actions. Honestly I am loving it I am even getting more sleep since I am tired at night. I also noticed the change in my mood already, as you guys may have read in the past i developed a bout of depression a few months back and I have been working  hard to combat a relapse. But i feel less anxious and stressed its like i just leave it on the machine when i leave the gym.

dress:xhiliration (super old)//Cardi:merona//sandles:mossimo

fingers: china glaze eletric lilac// toes opi: Pirouette my whistle

black leather bracelet:avenue
watch:betsey johnson

I am off to handle some business for an upcoming show. Night ya'll

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  1. Cute look! Love your maxi!! I'm obsessed with maxi anything! lol