Sunday, May 6, 2012

a haul and self annoyance

I survived the adventure of my parents anniversary party and it was awesome. I am really really glad I hired a photographer to come out even if wasnt anything extraordinarily fancy, it was my family being goofy and being together.

I went to walgreens today and got some summer polishes, for base colors and nail art.
wet n wild megalast:on a trip, i need a refresh-mint//
wet n wild wild shine:french white creme//
sinful colors:pink, savage, irish green, neon melon

So I threw a base of the french white down and then painted my nails with the pink and the neon melon. it lasted 10 minutes my nails were so awesomely bright it hurt my eyes so bad. So i omited the white base and just used the neon melon and while its still really bright its without hurting my eyes.

I am pissed with myself I used to love blogging and all of a sudden I am making this a chore for me. I freak out if I dont have a post done, or a picture taken and thats not what this is for this is for me to be goofy and girly with others on. I am not a professional blogger I dont want to be one. I am a 27 year old married woman who likes nail polish and cooking way to much and copes with OCD.

on another note I am hungry as hell

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  1. I admit, I'm a sucker for the SInful polishes!
    Sorry that blogging seems more work than fun, I think a lot of people fall into that trap, including myself. Not sure how to remedy it...