Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh hey I am back

I had a fun filled weekend which means I did not take a picture of outfit 9 yikes but just invision it here with this... well i couldnt find a picture of it and its already in the wash..
On to the fun part...
We went and watched a football game! We finially got an arena team that they promote games for, so instead of viva fiesta we viva football-d instead. Even more awesome is my older brother let us take Maz. It was his first big sporting event aside from nieces games.

He sat the majority of the game in Mine or Jakes lap and he surely did eat a huge bag of popcorn all by himself. As well as a sprite a lemonade half of jakes water...... Oh and he loved him some cheerleader watching.  I was honestly a little nervous he is four and I wasnt too sure how well he was going to be able to stand sitting there for 2.5 hours. Pft what do I know he loved it.

So now hopefully we will get to steal him for the next game now that we know he likes it and now that he knows what color he is supposed to root for! 

best line of the night : Why are we the chickens Leslie?

our mascot is an eagle who honestly looks like a blue chicken

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