Monday, April 16, 2012

Just another Manic Monday Day 5

The best part of the day today was logging off for the night and walking out the door. Not that anything bad happened today, I just wasnt feeling it all. I came home and told jake I was going to cook and I would be more pleasant after I cooked dinner. It was worth the additional 45 mins of crankyness I needed those potatoes au gratin. 
Is it pay day yet? I want new shoes.... 
I want to talk about something. I have been called a bimbo yeah someone actually used the word bimbo 3x's this week because I blog about clothing and makeup. I am a makeup artist and I have the pleasure of working with a few wonderful women who support me whole heartedly and shows genuine interest in what I do. I also am loosing weight and I happen to like to window shop, and since my happy rear-end is glued to an office chair yes on my break I like to online window shop.  So here is a lil bit about me I love to cook I spend majority of my evenings reading about cooking or cooking. I am active in charities on a local and national level. I read on average 4 books a month that arent cook books and I can hold my own in a conversation and if ever the convo goes over my head I am smart enough to ask for a quick breakdown so I can jump on board again.

Shoes:Merona//Pants:Old Navy// Sweater:Ny&Co

My fancy twisty ponytail
bracelet:casa mercedes (very old)

eeekkk my nails are nakey


  1. But soon....nails will not be nakey! They will be covered with AH-Mazing OPI spiderman nail polish!!!

  2. I really love your hair!