Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday Day 4

We woke up late today as in we gotta be at work in 20 mins and we live 12 mins away with no traffic late. I dont think I have ever gotten dressed so fast in my life! I dont know about Jake but I made it to my desk with a whopping minute to spare.I kinda look like i got up and dressed in the dark. but what can you do, you know. These jeans are my favorite jeans the first day I wear then they are super duper tight awesome for a tall boot the  second time I wear them they are nice and loose and baggy almost like a boyfriend jean. In other news, I am on the hunt for a neon orange necklace this week.
flats:merona//jeans:old navy//tank:avenue//cardi:avenue
nail polish: color club glittery envy & chelsea girl

 Truth be told I bought glittery envy for reasons unbeknownst to me. I absolutely loath this color as an all over nail color and find I really only like it when I do nail art.

This past weekend I took Remy to a doggy meetup event for little dogs at the park and we walked 4.4 miles okay lets be honest he walked 3 miles i carried him his water bottle my water bottle his treat bag and my walking weights for 1.4 of those miles. I was really suprised at how well he did we only had maybe 25 mins of sheer over stimulation where he was just everywhere after that he became very calm and seemed to enjoy the walk. Just look at him.... I am in serious puppy love.

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