Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Us against the grocery store Day 6

This is me about 11 at night after getting home from a full day at work and a trip to the store for some much needed groceries. I was wiped out. AND SAD all the news ever talks about is the rising obesity rate.  Much to jakes occasional dismay I am trying to get us flipped over to a 50% organic and gluten free diet. Its so expensive! We stock up on those items one a month and I swear that is the time when our grocery bill triples. Buts it so worth it... 


 OK you can ask everyone that i encounter in real life I take very little effort to the  hair on my head. But after a few cock eyed looks from the husband I have been putting some effort in and I am kinda proud of myself.

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  1. Love the braids...I too spend very little time on my hair and it shows...