Saturday, March 31, 2012

starbucks and brainstorming..

Black Sweater:Target//Jeans:Old Navy//Flats:Target
Bracelet:Avenue//Watch:Betsey Johnson

First off let me state YOWZAS it is hot Summer has arrived in So.Tx. I am kicking myself for wearing jeans today.

I have said it a million times that being a blogger sometimes feels a lil lonely depending on where you live. Today I met 4 yes 4 local fashion bloggers. Super Super excitement over here. Naturally I became excited and I became a motor mouth. I didnt shut up..... oops sorry ladies. I am excited for the foundation that was laid out to make our market more recognizable for fashion and beauty.

I am so tired and I need to cook dinner. I will be back with more jabber about these lovely ladies but until then please  take a peak at their blogs // //

1 comment:

  1. Lovee the watch and bracelet!
    BTW the badge looks great on your page!