Monday, April 2, 2012

look who I caught hanging around.

So I am getting ready to sit down and work on some post. When out of the corner of my eye i spied something on top of my clothing rod..... She is definately feeling better after being super sick for over a week. My heart breaks when my animals are sick because they cant tell me why they feel yucky. Lola never gets sick and I think that that alot of this is because she is lonesome since our MiMi cat died.
Today was the first day of my 30x30 and while I am excited to do this project, it made me a little sad because I have back slid a little bit on my weight which made these pants fit a bit too tight. I talked to Jake about my balls to the wall approach that I am about to take to shed the weight that I regained. I am embarrassed that I let my emotional frumpy-ness take over my makeup and hair.
No BUENO. Tomorrow I am going to be back in the game looking lovely and put together.
Watch:Betsey Johnson//Hindu Inspired Bracelet//Friendship Bracelet
Nails:Milani Twinkle over Revlon Royal


  1. That Betsey Johnson watch is ADORBS! And did you make that friendship bracelet? It's super cute. Also, love the nails!

    What kind of cat do you have? I'm so used to seeing tabbys I forget there are other breeds. lol

  2. No the friendship bracelet is from my friends three year old daughter we are bffs :) Lola is a Tortoise shell siamese.