Thursday, March 29, 2012

Southern Sweet Tea

I am kicking coke....for those who know me in real life I know you are gasping wondering how I will survive with out my sweet sugary concoction. I have platued on my  weight loss journey and while I refuse to give up bread  I will give up coke. Its a good thing I am southern to lean on one horrible vice while kicking another. My husband loves to point out that going on to tea is just a bad as coke. ( I know also but i dont care)

I think I am starting to catch a bug, I feel totally under the weather today and want nothing more than new pillows and a nap.
I hope I am not sick I go on vacation in a week, and I am getting the chance to meet a few fabulous local bloggers this weekend and lord knows I am not missing that.

About the pants. When I bought them they were skin tight I could barely close them and they had about a foot of extra fabric on the length. I have been busting weight watches ass, and now I am pleased to state these pants are pretty loose now :)

cardi:merona//top:old navy//pants:old navy//shoes:faded glory
watch:betsy johnson//bracelet:avenue

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