Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whats in a label

I have a bloggin buddy in which I have the pleasure of also working with ( Ms. Julie who also is known to be my OOTD photographer) and we talking fashion styles today. I told her I described her look as Rockabilly-skim (yeah i made a milk analogy there). She doesn't follow the rockabilly dress style completely but she does embrace all the cuteness of it. She doesn't feel she is rockabilly-esque, but other people may see pieces that connect her to it so is she? So it had me thinking, whats my style? I would hardly call myself trendy since I typically make sure I am color coordinated and then pray to god I don't sprain my ankle in my heels walking up the hill to work. (our parking lot has this ridiculous back lot which is over a hill and through the woods practically).I personally would say I dress conservative for work and then away from work I am jeans and tshirt kinda gal and if we are going out I will throw some heels on. I feel slightly daring venturing into color blocking and layering. But do this allow me to fall under a style label? Am I rebel for being a jewelry minimalist? Rarely do I wear more than pearls a wedding band and a watch. I dont feel incomplete not having a style label to follow, i think I follow the same mantra as Ms. Julie, I am me and I wear what I like.


  1. You do realize that wearing what you like makes you completely and utterly un-boring right?!? I love that. I'm the same way, I don't really have a style I follow at all. I think it's more fun to be versatile.

    And I'm totally using "skim" after adjectives now. That's awesome.

  2. Aww. I feel so special for being mentioned in this post. Although I love the rockabilly sub culture, and I still feel it in my soul-I dont always follow the "fashion guidelines". ;-) Just like you, I wear what I like...and I will forever be Rockabilly Skim!
    You dress pretty fab too, missy. I definitely dont have the guts to wear color...or do a 30x30.