Tuesday, September 20, 2011

COntining my journey of consistancy

So I am picking up the 30x30 challenge again the clothes are picked out and I am confident that I can do this. plus its a fun and totally deliciously narcissistic to take pictures of myself :) I loved when I did it last time but there was that unfortunate incident where my load of 30x30 laundry had a pen explode in the dryer with them. I pick some seriously fabola outfits and guess what its starts tomorrow ahhhhh all 17 of you my lovely readers should be excited and shaking with anticipation.

I really took the time and mapped out my favorite 30 peices and am so happy for the results!

I am also going to do a face of thw week I have blogger on my phone no excuse to not be able to document my life as it goes by :)

stay tuned for tomorrow :)

kisses and loves

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