Sunday, September 25, 2011

day 2 and 3

I am only 3 days in to my 30x30 and I am loven it this time around

I am pleased that I have so many friends participating with me IRL. But anywho here is day 2 and three since my camera is no where to be found for day one. Once I find that my awesomeness of day one hair makeup and outfit will be there for all to see and you know crappy camera photos wont be taken.

I kinda am a geek and mapped out like 10 outfits for my overtime days so I can get up and roll out of bed and get myself dressed and ready to go :-p kinda cheating but I need to make sure I am using 30x30 clothes lol
sweater top & jeans from avenue awesome gladiators target.

Stripped cardi merona floral top anne klien khakis 7
and mossimo gladiators

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