Saturday, September 3, 2011


I kinda lack consistency in my blogging. but for a good reason

I have been consistent in my weight loss journey yeah I have cheated here and there but I have learned how to adjust the rest of day around it.
So here are some stats to chew on when I started I weighed 232 lbs and since I wear avenue/lane bryant majority I will state by their sizes I was a size 20 almost pushing a 22 my dresses were a size 18 and my tops where xxl(18/20). Now I am a month and a half in and my pants are down to a getting loose 18 pants my tops are an xl (14/16) and a size 16 dress and a weight of 209. WOW. I am proud and seeing those numbers makes me more proud.

My goal size is 14 bottoms top and dress. my dream size is a size 10 and my time line is until October of 2012 which is when we are returning to NYC for our anniversary .

Now lets talk some important numbers, my blood pressure and cholesterol are at a downward slope. YES! my triglycerides are NORMAL. Being hispanic those three things have been the most important motivators as heart disease and diabetes are impacted by those numbers and hispanics are the most susceptible to these.

I have gotten to shop for the winter and woohooo since my winter clothing does not fit me any longer. well the pants dont I dont mind a baggy sweater or cardi, throw a belt on and call it fashion.



  1. That's amazing!! You've done so well so far!! I am inspired by your journey. I've just started my diet back up again, in hopes to lose a bit of weight the summer has seemed to give me back from all of my hard work last year. <3

  2. Congrats on the weight loss success! A road to a healthful life is hard indeed! I've been struggling to get back in the groove of healthful eating and regular exercise. I'm trying to find my motivation!