Saturday, July 30, 2011

My July Summerface

Okay so I can officially post up my favorite products of le july 2011. This was pretty much my face everysingle freaken day, with the cheeks and what eye primer I grabbed being the only variation.

Foundation, all though i am not crazy about this prodcut it does the job, and thats the maybeline matte mousse, and then I use the matte powder. I am a big fan of a matte face all year long, my only beef with the foundation is that unless I use the matte powder I dont get the matte look. I was in a bind and had ran out of my normal foundation so I grabbed this as the drugstore.
So unless you are male or you live under some kind of rock you have heard of the urban decay NAKED palette. Its a super hyped up item on the net (bloggers and vloggers rave for this). I got mine while they were still doing the double ended eye pencil. Do I think it is honestly and truely worth all the hype and the massive months upon months sell out? no but thats another blog for another day. I have it its fantastic quality and so yeah I use it. Okay back on track...My eye makeup was naked on the lid, buck in the crease, and virgin as my inner corner and brow highlight. macs haute and nauty mascara. My brows are groomed (haha but not trimmed) with the elf brow palette. Never again will I ever pay more than 3.00 on a brow kit this is the bizomb. I think everyone should purchase it. I used to use another big name brands brow kit and I got the same results I get here. I rotated cheek color from m.a.c.'s comfort mineralized skin finish and nars gilda.  Comfort is actually more of a bronzer but I roll like that. If I felt extra fancy I would do both.
Lips were easy i used a touch of balm and then topped it all off with macs crosswire which is this awesome coral red.

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