Friday, April 15, 2011

I gotta dream

Miss Corona is the greatest person to talk to about all things makeup and industry. If I feel like I am fliff, I talk to her and I am empowered to get started back on the ball.  I have been extremely fortunate to know and associate with such talented people with in the industry because I constantly learn something knew.

and then today I started going through my old deviant art account and look what I found
 please notice the age I was on these and what my occupation is. I have wanted to pursue my career as a MUA since I was 19 and when I turned 20 I started to take the initiative to begin working with people.

The boy would be the current husband. I still trip over him 80 million years later. I am no longer pierced I am tattooed instead. I stopped selling designs for tshirts years and years ago. I am not so emo anymore which I never was I just always said that though lol. 

IMATS allowed me to meet some wonderful MUAs and vendor representatives who are friendly to the MUAS who are at the bottom of the industry ladder as the jobs we choose to  accept or are available to us. I learned so much valuable information while there.

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