Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how sweet it was

to have minty delight herbal tea with cup cakes for breakfast. Okay I ate the blue one for desert the night before, but the beautiful sprinkled green magically one is the Priscilla Cupcake. Pistachio  HEAVEN!!!!

magnolia bakery NYC

A few things about me, I am obsessed with sex and the city, I am obsessed with drag shows, if I could get away with it I would drink nothing but hot and ice tea. I am obsessed with broadway musicals, and  I will sell hubs right arm for pistachios. I am highly allergic to nuts and pistachios are one of the few that I can eat without consequence.

Saturday afternoon hubs suggest we take a walk through the village to find Miss Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. Yes yes she is supposed to live on exchange but her address was faux and her brownstone was actually in the village. We found it I didn't take pictures cause well one there was a sign that said no photos and two that is still someone's house. Everyone is telling us that we should go to Magnolia Bakery, well duh of course we must. FYI in case you are dying to know, this is where Miranda and Carrie eat cupcakes outside and Carrie makes her first mention of Aiden.  We mosey in I grab a piece of vanilla cake with buttercream icing and sugar sprinkles and a mint honey tea, I was too excited that we were there to even know what Hubs got. We sat on the benches in the Bleeker Playground and gazed around.... where I found my other other love NARS. Thats a blog for another day though my dears.  I trekked around the village on a sprained ankle on top of a tendentious and was so happy with cake in my tummy and tea in my hand.
statue at the Bleeker Playground
Yesterday we ran around the city again came across the 6th street location and OMSBJ they had the Pricilla Cupcakes, which are pistachio cupcakes make for the broadway show Priscilla: Queen of the Desert . Hello a broadway show preformed in drag, and you made a cupcake in honor of it! It was like it was made for me personally I grabbed a hot tea and 2 cupcakes to go. I wish I knew  how to describe the sheer whaaaaahhhh that was the cupcake. The icing was so incredibly creamy on both. I just augh I wish I could explain it but it was heaven. 

I gotta start packing we go home tomorrow and then off to cuddle with the Hubs


  1. Cupcakes for breakfast is the perfect start to the day!

  2. oh gosh cupcakes are just one of those things that makes the world go round =)

  3. What a perfect day! Those cupcakes are so pretty and look delicious! Yum! xo

  4. what a perfect day! cupcakes and drag are tops on my list, too! =)