Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter ya'll! I just got back home from a precious stay in College Station TX. My skin felt on fire being surrounded by all the aggie sh*t. Sorry Sorry I am a 'Bama gal. :)

Oy ve my allergies are kicking my butt today! I am sorry that as of lately I have not had any outfit of the days or anything of interest to blog about lately. I am going to this week though cross my heart :).

Oh wait I do, kinda random and for my nail polish lovers but scope your ultas girls they are now carrying butter london on a permanent basis now.

How super exciting I start my new shift this week and while I am not in the morning any longer I am on a M-F schedule now and how glorious that is. This is has been a huge reason aside from vacation of why my posting have been so few and far apart. Being up at 530 am is just very very hard for me, I know everyone is going to say L go to sleep early but I really wait for Hubs to get out of work so we can at least eat together before I go to bed. It exhaust me.....

Full report tomorrow


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