Sunday, April 10, 2011

Live from Newark NJ

its me!

I wanted to stop and talk about my first plane ride ever! I realize now that I am on the ground it wasnt so bad at all and Hubs actually said it was a bit rough on take off and touch down due to weather. I did cry, I cried and told Hubs I didnt feel brave at all, the little boy in front of me and said " dont cry be brave your momma buy you a hoppy ( yeah that cute) meal too". I sat there on take off and recited every minute of my planned itinerary  to myself and chomped on my gum, until jake squeezed my hand and said we were in the air. I mustered up the courage a few times to look out the window. He had been keeping it closed to allow me to not freak out.

I liked it, I cant say I would jetset all around but for longer than 15 hour trips yeah I would fly again.

Okay I am not a bitchy person I dont like to judge books by their covers but there is a strong difference in East NJ folk and everyone else on the planet. Why is everyone in Newark so rude, the only nice people have been the bus drivers ( we are taking public transportation its mad cheap and super easy to navigate) if you say please or thank you you get a sneer its saddening. We thought we were going to encounter this in NYC no freaken way. A few things on NYC A) nicest people ever  locals/shoppers/cops everyone AWESOME. B) HOLY S$&% the cabs when we have had to take cabs in NYC hella hella HELLA cheap. C) food = love amazing. I am in love with the village and wish to move there to never return.

HOW EXCITING! I have known in the virtual world my dear friend John for EIGHT YEARS, and hubs and I are meeting up with him for dinner tonight yay for connections!

All post about fashions and sights and IMATS will come later,

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  1. I hope you got that hoppy meal for being a brave flier!