Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well hello gorgeous!

Damn do I feel like a totally different person! I for the first time in a long time didnt feel resentful on my way to work. I know that  90% of my discontent with work was my lack of rest sleep and sanity.  It was amazing to go a brainstorming session and be able to to be out until 11:00pm and not have to worry about being awake at 5am to be at work at 7 am. Ahhhh. Most importantly its nice to lounge with Hubs. He plays his video games while I blog and surf the web and we chat and laugh.  OMG my makeup looks AMAZING now that I have the time to do it lol and I awake enough to see what the hell it is I am doing.

My cousins are coming over  for a family barbque this weekend. I have talked about my dad having a huge family before and therefore have only recently met a one of my uncles kids for the very first time. I am so excited to have found them I didnt have sisters and didnt grow up close with any of my cousins. I find myself very at ease knowing I having a female to talk to about life and stuff.

OKay I have got to wash some clothes and clean house
loves and kisses

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