Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks and missings

We are a very large military family, my dad and all but 2 of my uncles were military at one point. My dad served 18 years in the Navy. Currently  I have 17 cousins that are active duty/ reserves. I have one thats deployed. :'(  With such a huge family (my dad has 20 siblings total) , I have only met my cousin Jon two times in person, (however I have had the pleasure of shit talking back and forth quite often)  but he is one tough cookie. Today is Jons birthday and he is thousands of miles away from the people who love him the most, especially his mom and his precious girlfriend. I asked his mom when he comes home and its not until March 2012. Such a long time but at least its only one birthday missed. so with this I say:


I am proud of my family and their choices to dedicate their lives to fight for our country, I personally would have never made it through boot camp. On that a alone I am admire them, I mean honestly the only hauling ass I do is at an outlet mall when i see the word sale over the ON and Anne Taylor stores. My primos are out there saving lives kicking ass and taking some serious names.

On the note of birthdays I have to get really teary-eyed on your asses now.
Today is also my best friends birthday of whom I have known literally since he was in his mamas belly. Aside my husband there is no one on the planet that knows me as well as Will does.  He cracks me up and is an excellent chef and ladies he is ready to mingle. I miss him so so so  much since live in different states and now our school/work schedule makes it impossible to talk 24-7. we had to reschedule our NOLA trip but next year is it we are going to see each other again when him me and Hubs party it up.

me poking wills eye out ;)


okay going to get ready for the tourney today. wish me luck guys

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  1. I'm a military fam too! my husbands grandpa was in the navy and the hubs is a marine! you have so much family that is military though! ohmygosh girl!!!!! that is awesome!!!! =) such a motivational/patriotic fam you have <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons