Friday, March 25, 2011

sore.....and some misc items

we have a company volley ball tourney this weekend which means that our out of shape selves have been practicing. oh my burning thighs buns and arms! I am out of shape like a muddafkr. But I have to be truthful its been super worth it cause I have had super amounts of fun. We have made a pact to not take the entire thing overly serious. last year the company kick ball tourney was annoying my team made it to the finials but everyone had kinda had enough when it was coming to the motor mouthin. no one likes hecklers when booze is around.

I have been totally not on my afternoon walking schedule.... for shame on me. I am going to pay for it ten fold in nyc lol cant wait! we have decided to do a double deck trip woohoo no subways :) for 2 days, just cruising around. I really want to say thank you to all my blogger friends who have been given me tips and prepping me for my first plane ride. I am not as scared as I was before only a lil bit, but  I am sure I will love it.

off to watch a movie

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  1. A vollyball tournament! How fun. :) I love when companies use activities like that (my old company used spelling bees) because it really gets you to know your coworkers in a fun environment and takes the stress off the bad economy...and yeah, definitely a good idea to not take it too seriously. That takes all the fun out of it! :P