Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Pink Ladies + Chris

Well did I survive volleyball? Yes I did I am proud to report that the "Pink Ladies+Chris" played three rounds two games a piece and one round at three games, and walked away the winning two of the rounds. Chris being a co worker's husband donned a hot pink shirt no questions asked and him and my co worker Nana owned the court between his saves and her serves. "Robin" (sorry inside joke) was lost in the first game due to a knee injury but our Ringer gladly stepped in. I had alot of fun and Ms.A, and our ringer busted ass on the court by literally diving over  each other to save the ball and to earn our points. Ms. M literally improved in spades in the course of one day she had been afraid of the ball in the beginning but she really turned around. and there way me the face plant queen as I dove for anything I could. I loved it. The lil ones were there holding fan signs screaming "go pink ladies........& chris!".  hubs took score for three other round games, and then served as my personal man cheerleader. Am I sore? oh hell yeah I came home sat on the floor and then bloop I was asleep. Woke up took a shower and asleep again. Would I repeat this again, in heart beat.

peace and love l


  1. I LOVE volleyball! Played in middle and high school! It's my favorite sport to play! TOTAL workout! :)

    matters of merrymaking

  2. Awww I'm so glad you had fun! That was sweet of your coworker's husband to help out and wear the pink shirt like a gentleman. ;)

    Cute photo of you, by the way. xoxo