Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sloth and Organization

Man why are the days already flying by? I feel guilty for feeling so whiney and tired cause I don't Have a physically demanding job, I have no kids, and I haven't been exercising. My job right now is a bit mentally pressing but nothing that should be causing me to come home and be asleep by five in the afternoon for nap time. I should probably take more vitamins and start walking again to get the blood circulating.

Uh will the waiting ever end on this tax return so i got my forms in from school filed and might I say this is the longest 8-15 business days EVER. Okay it hasn't even been 8 business days, but geeezzzeeee I have dressers to purchase! A house to organize.

Now I dont normally post photos on here but I cant wait to do a before and after of all my organizing is complete. Looking at my fantabolous 80's patterned covered dining room chairs the fabric has really grown on me. I think the venture that I am going to take on this is to paint the chairs and the table I am feeling a slate grey coming. Then my most exciting reuse. As many know I was having a dresser issues, but thanks to my daddy dearest he has fixed this lil issue to wear the dresser is useable for storage, I am talking where you only open it every so often kinda storage. I am going to prime and paint the old dresser a shade bluer and then use this for all of my dining storage. Linens, our fine silverware, my gigantic serving platter that I do not have room for. I am so elated. I may just do a kitchen photo tour to show why I am searching for additional storage, and maybe you will understand that we are slightly spaced challenged.

Okay toodles for now, I have a few more post to pound out, and a house to clean.

Until then

ps please go check out Peas&Crayons , she is the total bee's knees