Sunday, February 6, 2011

Going green with things you already have

I try not to throw much away, ESPECIALLY jars! In our household we go through jars of pickles and mayo, large and small. My husband used to thing I was crazy for hanging on to the jars okay okay hoarding the jars. But I soon showed him how awesome they can be. Before going any further I do want to state that to remove the labels off the jars I just soak the jars in hot soapy water for about 10 minutes.

Mayo jars that are plastic are premo for storing soups, broths and stews that are made in bulk to freeze. Glass jars and they dont have to be pickles and mayo they can be any glass jar, have endless uses, obviously you can store dry goods (macaroni, rice ect.) I rarely purchase glass canisters anymore unless I am purchasing air tight jars for stuff like brown sugar. I also like to use them for them are candles when we are eating outside, or having company over that we will be outside. I punch holes into the lids to allow the candle itself to breathe, but it is alot safer with the lid in the event that someone accidently knocks the candle over, or the wind gets it. the candle is contained in the jar, versus hitting the grass and then well you know bye bye lawn.

Saving the planet and saving money what more can you ask for?