Thursday, February 10, 2011

MYO Chicken Stock

I use chicken stock in a lot of things, mashed taters, casseroles ect. its not that chicken stock is expensive but I am aiming to save every penny I can for rainy days and shiny things. It sounds intimidating, but I swear it is not.

In a stockpot, take your excess chicken fat and skin and add water to completely submerge your chicken scrap. Since I use the skin and excess from a rotisserie chicken I don't add any salt since they are typically seasoned. I do however, like to add a chunk of onion to it for additional flavor. Its really up to personal preference.

Heat this on low heat to allow the the scraps to seep. This is the same concept as a tea bag. I dont recommend setting and forgetting. You need to stir this to make sure that you are getting even heat distribution.

After about 45 minutes of simmering, remove from heat, and all to cool. Once this reaches room temperature you are ready to cook with it, or jar it and freeze it.

If you let your stock soften up on the day you use it, and you only need a lil bit of it, I recommend a melon baller for a clean extraction for a dollop sized adding.