Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lets get physical

I am about to get super real with you guys. I am going to head to an all women's gym to check it out. I have been a member to several traditional co-ed gyms and I honestly get really self conscious working out next some super buff dude who can run on the treadmill for an hour at a time while I am huffing and puffy walking for like 15 mins. Plus its harder for women to lose weight so it would be nice to be around  others who feel my pain on this journey.

I am a mall walker I can admit this....  thats the extent of my physical activity now a days. But I need  to get into better health.  I am at the largest in size that i have ever been, and I am so embarrassed by this. An there is this one thing that just KILLS ME. Its not the muffin top its not the big booty, its the fact that when I kiss my husband my tummy touches him before my chest does. On a health scale, I have bad numbers my triglycerides are through the roof my good and bad cholesterol is all out of wack.  I have an predisposition to heart disease and diabetes so this is something I need to be on top of. I want to be a mom desperately and I know that my weight right now is impacting my body  and in the event of me getting pregnant  I want to lessen my of contracting diabetes.

 On the vainity side.I miss shopping hardcore clearance sales since I was able to shop on the "skinny-girl" side of the store, plus sized clearance is slim pickings 99% of the time. I miss not feeling like a sloth in a bathing suit omg I will scream the day I can wear a bikini again. I miss wearing heels and the weight not hurt me  on the front of my foot and toes. I miss playing soccer with my family and not wanting to pass the hell out from exhaustion.

The only thing that will keep me from not joining this is going to be the same thing that will keep me going. PRICE...... gah stupid price.

Wish me luck ladies....

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  1. I'm with you on the All-Women's gym. I get self conscious too. I currently go to a co-ed gym, but most of the other men, so they pay me little mind ;)