Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well I feel special

So taking a gander at my blog I noticed something that makes me feel super giddy!!! I got my first non Americas reader Woohoo. That makes me feel all cool. Not that I am here for notoriety but you gotta admits is kinda cool!!!

I wish o could report that I wasn't sick anymore but I can't. However thanks to day and nyqyl I am not feeling like total crap. I actually am quite hilarious right now. I came home from work super duper excited case tonight was the first episode of the new season of ghost hunters international Woohoo. This is the first episode in a long time we haven't watched this together but hubby has homework and I gave in to come lay down. We decided we are going to make a drinking game for everytime they explain what an EVP is. You honestly get trashed off of the times they say it in one episode. I wanted to audition to be on ghost hunters academy but in the end I am such a chicken shit that I wouldn't have made it past the first episode. I love scary stuff though is that weird?

So I used to blog all the time from my phone but at that time I had a sidekick3 so it had a big keyboard and it fit the blogger screen to my screen on the phone. Right now I am using the iPhone and it's a bit of challenge cause if I touch the wrong spot it keeps bring up my bookmarks then I freak out that I am going to loose my post.

So i am heading off to sleep well to finish this episode and drink my horchata.


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