Thursday, January 6, 2011

hot coco

I am off the hook tonight from cooking. Supa Saweet. Its kinda nice he is making his famous fried chicken and hopefully smashed potatoes. I feel a bit spoiled especially since I am the first one home. But hell I will take it when I get it. I like coming home and cooking normally. I feel like a grown up doing so. Anywho so I am getting to crawl up on the couch with a cup of hot coco and E! living the good life.

So I watching all the new show previews for spring and its like a million law shows. Sigh they will never live up to L&O, I am like boo lay sad that this was cancelled. HOWEVER how exciting that there is a new Kardashian show coming on! Don't sit there and judge me as you read this everyone has a guilty pleasure I just happen to have mine way out in the open. We are making a trip up to New York City this year, and you better believe we are going to stop in DASH.

We have been saving for so long for this trip, we still are at that. Big plans I have my little list going I must see Tiffany's I want to see the Prada store since it is supposed to be amazing architecturally. My fellow beauty mavens will know how EPIC it is going to step foot and make some purchases at Inglot. Oh my my heart raises just thinking of it. And the little kids in us are super excited to go to FAO Schwarz. I want to dance on the giant piano.

Does anyone have an suggestions on what we should see, where we should eat?

Alrighty I have to run to the store until then


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