Sunday, January 30, 2011

Superficial much

I am a superficial kinda gal and I am not ashamed to admit it.
I like pretty things I like taking the time to make myself look pretty. me and Hubs walked around the mall today to get some exercise and be in the sun (outdoor and ginormous mall). We stopped in sephora because I can walk into a mall without looking in sephora. There was a mother and daughter in there the mother look very impatient with the daughter, I would say she was no more than 16, while the sales lady was helping her with the store brand and picking out the appropriate shades for her. The mom says why are we wasting our time here, "if people think you like this stuff they are going to think you are stupid." OMG did that ever boil my blood. I am a freelance makeup artist and I have never ever worked on a client who was stupid or who's posse thought they were stupid.

So please allow me to jump on my soap box right now.
My personal business is built on the foundation of esthetics and I don't care what you want to believe and what your mother may have preached to you but in this country and day and age, image is EVERYTHING. A former supervisor gave a unit I was in a few pearls of wisdom when he pointed out that even if you are the best worker on the planet, if you are an not esthetically pleasing then you can have a hard time showcasing your talents to outside sources on the behalf of your company. Now this does not mean only the beautiful people make it to the time, this means the put together people get to the top. But it does mean that having your pants pressed you makeup clean and appropriate or your face groomed should be necessary, and gentleman I am sorry but tuck in your shirts there is not need to look sloppy. Now if you choose not wear makeup no big because some women possess the confidence (and amazing features) to do so, but keep your face cleaned up. I am glad to see tattoos are more welcomed in many work places since I have tattoos, two which are normally visible, but if you couldn't get a tattoo without profanity keep that covered up. Its tacky.
I have watched someone with company x literally go from a floor rep to a supervisor because she possessed the skills, the experience and the appearance.

Makeup makes 99.9999% of us feel pretty and sexy and gorgeous, so if you like it why should you be viewed as stupid? My mom is not a girly girl, though she has a secret stash of estee lauder lipsticks that she will never admit to having but we all know they are there. Why does she have them? because when she puts them on she feels amazing. I love to wear makeup and do makeup for the transformation experience. I like thinking I am hot stuff and pretty. I am used to it I chalk up to denial of the importance of appearance and general lack of understanding.

If you ever encounter someone telling you that taking care into your appearance makes you stupid. Do us all a favor and give them a black eye maybe then they will care about theirs. ( omg I am so kidding on that please do not resort to violence just tell them to to STFU.)