Sunday, January 2, 2011


I totally want to scream a mass amount of obscenities right now out of sheer frustration. My dresser totally fell apart. I have clothing every where my drawers are laying out along the way with my clothing in it. There is a plus side to this I swear, but for a minute I shall rant. Its not the brand of the company at all cause I have tons of furniture from this company through out my house, I honestly thing I got just a bad piece of furniture, or it was the assembly and since I assembled it, it wouldn't surprise me. The plus side, um currently if you come into our bedroom it looks like a dorm room. We have no headboard a way to big television and 2 night side stands. Not romantic, trendy, or grownup. So we are going to give in and use our income tax to get ourselves a bed room set. We were going to go to memphis with our income tax but we decided that it would be nicer to get furniture and pots and pans...Ugh when did we become such grown-ups.. So lame. It is stuff we need, and while a trip to memphis would be nice we haven't exactly fix our home up too much and it would be nice to do so.

Speaking of furniture we are taking the leap and going to buy the paint and sealer to redo our dining room table and chairs. This itself is going to be such an investment in its self because our chairs are covered and we need to change out the fabric cause they are white and we can not keep white. We have our fabric picked out (we think) and now we just need to get it all bought once we get past all this gross damp winter weather. I will probably do progression of the project since we have to sand it, paint it, re cover it, seal it. A three day job at the most we hope.

I am tired as hell so until tomorrow

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