Saturday, January 1, 2011

I dunno

I was trying to think of some witty invitation to read this post, and uh FAIL i couldn't think of one. So sorry, and by the way this is gonna be kinda boring..oopsy

So the first day of my year was pleasant, I went to work it was steady and not over exerting. I read a few fashion blogs read a few beauty blogs. Made a grocery list... If the rest of my 2011 is like this I am going to be pretty pleased. I just gotta chill and go with the flow again. I made too much out of 2010 trying to make it it phenomenal in order to make up for the tragic stuff.

I am in dire need to clean out my closet for the clothing that doesn't fit or isn't in good condition any longer and trash or donate them. I need to also hem my pants, woohoo for loosing weight that means the pants aren't as tight on my legs which means they are little too long now. SAAWEET. I am chunky girl and I recognize that. I kinda gotta be blind to not see that I am a chunky girl, the other night I had a total weight watchers moment when I looked at my wedding picture and saw how heavy I was at that time of my wedding HOLY SNIKEY. In the year I have lost 30lbs I am a little ashamed that it took a year to loose the 30lbs, but none the less its down and gone! My goal is by December to be at a size 10. Back on the skinny girl side of the store and back to wear I can thrift shop again. I love thrift shopping.

Well this was a whoollee lotta nothing...
till tomorrow

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