Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday wooohoo

I love saturdays while I do have to work Hubs doesnt which means he is able to do all his Dude thing (video games and sports) for 8 hours and then when I come home we watch ass loads of television and literally just take it easy. We have one day off a week together which is Sunday and that is usually full of errands so I dig saturdays.

Is anyone else frustrated waiting for their 1080's to come in the mail? My school is in Iowa and since I took 4 months off I was not eligible to print mine from online so I have to wait for it to come in the mail.It feels like it is taking forever to get to me even though they notified me that it is in the mail SIGH, I am so impatient. But I need to get my garden up and growing already! And we need that new dresser!

We looked at each other and realized what lame-os we are since our big plan was stocking up on dry and can goods so we wont have to grocery shop for those things for a while. Smart yes no? In my defense we have dietary needs that make shopping expensive and a pain in the ass, I have a horrendous nut allergy and Hubs is a diabetic so we need nut-free gluten-free food. Go down that aisle in your grocery store oh wait you don't have one yeah its cause you have to go to a freaken expensive drawer in order to buy snacks and diet bars that wont kill an allergy sufferer. Okay I am off that minor rant lol, but this is why we thought hmmm maybe we should stock up when we have the extra money so we dont have to try to fit it in the grocery budget.

Speaking of impatient is anyone else super sick of winter cause I know I am. I miss wearing shorts or leaving my jacket at home. I want to go sit in my back yard on my yard chair and sun myself already and get nice and tan. Go away winter and bring on the gorgeous sun. Besides my plants cant grow in the winter they need the spring. :)

Thats all for now.