Friday, January 28, 2011


call it a high-horse post, and soapbox shpeal.

I think we all lack the ability to engage in forgiveness. I am just as guilty in personal life, and at times in my career I am not forgiving either. I just sit and fester at times and become disappointed. I gain no value, no personal growth.

I catch myself somedays being more angry and resentful than grateful for the air that fills my lungs. I cant even tell you why sometimes I feel like I deserve to be resentful about a few things. It doesn't really do much for me it makes my head hurt, makes me sick to my stomach, it slowly burns bridges.

I am taking a new route i shall forgive and if I cant forgive then I will let go. I dont want nor need an ulcer. I dont want nor need this huge cloud of gloom over my head.

I spring clean the physical things but I dont think I have ever taken the time to consider a true emotional spring cleaning. Its time for that to cleanse my heart and the burden that weighs on my mind.