Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year's eve

Happy new year to all out there, tonight me and the hubby are staying in and firing up the outdoor fireplace and enjoy the fire works that we are able to see from 3 directions, the base the park and downtown.

I sat down today and reflected on this past year and while it sucked, there are some things I am taking away as a growth opportunity. I learned how to cook healthier since we cut down on junk that we buy, and holy cow doing so made us feel better too :) .
I learned that I am quite creative if I put my mind to it and can refinish something to make it good as new such a tables and trays.
I am going to make a conscious effort to believe in myself since I have this horrendous tendency to be my own worst enemy and talk myself out of reaching for the something bigger than what there is.
I am not everyone's cup of tea its okay, I am not going to crumble.

On a another note.... I am huge soda drinker like unhealthy amounts of soda. Oh yeah and ZZZZIIILLLLCCCHHHH water. I am like the bad guy in the Water Boy chanting "water sucks it really really sucks". Well I decided that i should try to guzzle of water a day which i thought was gonna be a piece of cake since i drink at least that much in soda on a daily basis. Excuse my language but BULLSHIT. I have to force myself to do this sans the coke chaser. this sucks, but i do see a difference my acne flared the first two days but now on day 5 my face looks really clear. Annnnddd my jeans were a wee bit baggy.

Okay so we will end 2010 with my rambles

until tomorrow

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