Monday, January 24, 2011

Im gonna be a farmer!

OKay maybe not a farmer like full out crops but we are looking to grow quiet a bit of our own fruits and veggies. The start up cost is a lil bit pricey but in the end I think what we will save in grocery cost will be well worth it.

So I got the idea after hearing people talking about urban sustainable living. Which is basically urban farming down to the small livestock. I am not doing the livestock obviously cause I am not down for yet more animals. I am not a home owner I am a renter, so I don't want to dig in the ground and tear my land lords yard up. So L how are you going to garden without tearing up a yard up? I am glad you asked we are going to begin building our raised garden beds that measure 4x4 ( four of them ) with one 10x4 for fruit and a 2x4 for herbs. I am going to do a photo progression of this farming adventure of this all, and dear friends who know me outside of the internet please let me know if you want some free veggies once you start hearing of the gardening success, please let me know.

Tomorrow is step one we are going to purchase the lumber for two of the boxes, next pay day will be lumber for the other 2 boxes. and then the large and the tiny boxes plus the supplies worth the lattice will be last. THis is going to be quite an adventure doing this and we ( DH and I ) are really looking forward to doing this together. I havent seen DH get this excited in such a long time over something to do.

We only have one snag and thats the care of the crops while we are in NYC, but I am sure I have a niece or nephew looking to make a buck and come water them.

More Later