Thursday, September 12, 2013

Open letter to Old Navy

Dear Old Navy,

For a long time you guys have been my go to store, you have made my behind look amazing for years in your skinny jeans. We have been through a lot of weight loss and weight gain and I have always turned to this brand to make sure I look amazing.

So what gives? Why did you take the plus size line out of the stores? Hell I couldnt even find a plus size section in my outlet mall this time around. Is there any reason why suddenly you feel like my currently bubble butted state cant shop in your store?  Contrary to popular belief chubby people actually like the thrill of shopping and trying on clothing and making wardrobe decisions. Please don't say its an issue of space because I have seen some serious wasted space in many of the old navy's I have been to. Please don't say it is to showcase the style because I can't touch the fabric, I cant gauge how the cut falls on me, I cant see if the color washes me out. Therefore it doesn't show case a thing to me, the consumer, the plus size shopper

While it may not seem like a lot to a large company I spent over $1000 dollars in ON and ON Outlets last year. I did that after trying on the clothing and falling in love with those dang rock star jeans and sweater dresses. $1000 is a lot of money for my household. That doesn't even account for the spending that is on my husbands attire as he digs your denim as well. But I have to say I'm turned off by the shunning of the thunder thighs like me from the brick and mortar store fronts. I don't shop on-line unless I am 100% sure of consistent sizing which is something that ON lacks which is why I shopped in store. My heart is sad, I felt like we had a good shopping relationship but I am breaking up with you. I am not going to be your secret shopper whom you are afraid to have the traditional sized folks to see.



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