Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I paint my nails in the most messy fashion ever so its a good thing I dont do reviews. I love the girls who do them though because let me tell you I dont buy polish without seeing a review first. I really like this lil combo here its china glaze trendsetter with cleopatra over it. I thought cleopatra was going to e a wee bit more glitter heavy but eh what can you do. Aside from add more glitter.  So I am sucking it up and buying a wall mounted rack to give my collection, Hubs would say hoarding, tomatoe tamale same thing, some order and get it out of the much priceless dresser drawers that I need for space for you know other crap that needs to be put away. I am pretty sure in our closet there is my work space I just need to begin excavating the room to find the desk and chair and desk top.

What a fantastic breathe of fresh air 2012 has been so far. Seriously! I raise my coffee mug in the air and say bring it on world because I am going to own this no matter what.  I launch my business's website in a few months after much blood sweat and tears designing the graphics for it and typing and retyping information on it. I am lucking out and not having to do any of the technical coding on it. Thank god for weebly.

I am on pins and needles for income tax now. Bring it on this is the first year we do not have to buy any furniture for the house which is such a huge expense typically but whoop whoop we are going to give ourselves 1000 yes 1000 each to go shopping so we have no excuse for wearing clothing that does not fit.  I am so excited hence the immediate reason for a shopping ban I should not need to get clothes after that.



  1. Oooh sparkly! Love the gold nails. :) You must have a fantastic nail polish collection. I'm envious. Lol. I'm pleased things are looking up for you this year. I had a strange sense of optimism the past couple of days as well. I hope it means something. Hugs!

  2. I love the sparkly metallic look of these nails. I just bought my first bottle of silvery glitter polish and hope it looks this good! (And, I'm in the process of trying to organize/declutter, too! It's so hard to make room for all my junk!)