Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas.... bring on the new year

and now that its over we must find me a dress for NYE! Hubs and I are planning a lovely party that we hope many will partake in with us becuase what a better way to than with a new dress and friends who make the world a fabulous place!

so here are my options I am looking into

Okay so let me state that two and three are way outta my normal comfort zone but I want to start the year off with a BANG and PA CHOW. ( yes sound effects for 2012 are absolutely nessasary.)
ONE is from Forever 21. This would require me to borrow shoes from Shell, but I dig it and I think it will make me look ever SKINNER and  seriously like thats just awesome.
TWO is from AVENUE its my safe dress but I I love it and I think its so sweet and I have 2 different shoes that wuold totally be amazing with this. BUT I would need to find jewelry.
THREE is from Torrid I have the perfect shoes no need for any additional jewelry I already see the makeup look in my head and I am sure I can convince one of the girls to curl my hair.

IDK. I am a lil lost as to which one to get.  I just know I plan to look fabulous.

Ill keep ya posted.

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