Monday, December 12, 2011

a few bright ideas from my counselor

I like my counselor she is a fiesty Brooklynite who beleives in hugs and she doesnt make me feel crazy. she  gives me that "mom" look when i start to deflect from the uestions that she wants answers to its awesome.

She told me there is no wrong way for me to cope, unless its in an illegal manner.  So I sit outside for 30 mins a day to soak up some sun because I feel happy afterwards. She told me to keep a journal a blog "or one of those crazy video journals on the internet" name names or make up aliases. Obviously I have chosen to come back to my blog. She told me to walk away when it becomes to much that I dont have to take the world on. Lastly she told me not be down on myself for being down, accept it and move on. The last two oh so hard I am such the pitbull and will shake something until it is way past dead.

I have an friend who used to ask me everyday to tell him one perfect thing about my day, and when I asked why did he always request that he told me " Well if you can think of one perfect thing about your day then it cant be the worst day ever". It was so profound and I still scratch my head and wonder when the hell did he get so smart. But everyday before I go to bed I have stopped and looked myself in the mirror and have told myself one perfect thing about my day.

Today my perfect thing was I recieved 5 compliments on my perfume. It made me smile deep in my heart since the perfume is somethign that smells like one of my grandmas old perfume classic.

I am off to dream land

until tomorrow

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