Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Reply

Good Morning,

So this morning I was reading through blogs and found a fun lil question from Marnie , posted.

What designer purse would you most like to own if money was no object? 

I myself have seen a few LV that caught my fancy, my biggest argument on why I need the Greta Monogram Multicolore, but it is truly not the object of my heart. LV everyone has LV I am not completely down for having what all the girls are rocking on the play ground.

So meet the object of my lust:

This is the Dior  Coated Canvas Tote, the small size. The color alone has me swooning over it I love this cotton candy pink. Its something I would wear all year roun I love totes because I can just drop my shit straight into the bag with no worries. This would be the if I won the lotto the first thing I would buy bag.

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