Wednesday, February 23, 2011

things that make me smile

in no particular order:

I also absolutely love Tuesdays and Wednesdays with my husband since this is our Glee and Ghosthunters date night :) Wednesday night has been our night four 4 years now. We ignore the phones and cook unhealthy food, and love each other. ( I know its wed right now but he has not felt to awesome so he is asleep)

blue eyeshadow I own 30 blue eye shadows and I feel my sexiest happiest girliest when i wear my blue eyeshadow. I cant not get enough my favorite to be exact is MAC Jewel Blue long discontinued but I still have one :) this is closely followed by MAC Electric Eel and MAC Zingy. All very vibrant bright blues :)

red velvet cake our wedding cake was red velvet cake the most magnificent red velvet ever. This is the one thing we knew we wanted to have for sure and we were very blessed to brag that our baker was the same baker George W Bush hired for his daughter Jenna's wedding. We ate so much red velvet we were afraid we would turn red. :)

Black Poodles: my faithful dog remy is a mini black poodle and you better believe he is cut in a french sport. He is a good dog if I am sick he will not leave my side its like he knows I am cold cause his tiny 8 pound body is on my feet, he is so happy in his life to just sick on the couch next to us. 

Heels and my aspiration to own a pair of manolo's. 
For me MANOLOS = MAKING IT plain and simple.

so lovelies what makes you smile?


  1. Oh, red velvet cake, be still my heart.

  2. It seems we are very similar. All of these make me smile as well! Especially the red velvet cake. Yummy! Hehe. ;)

  3. anything pretty will make me smile. i'm easy to please =) colorful things, sparkly things, or stuff that tastes diving and i'm beaming!

    love love love blue eyeshadow as well! esp the ones with a touch of green! i feel like a mermaid =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons