Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Lil Things

let just cut the chase my make up storage SUCKED it was super embarrassing to look at and very stressful to go through. I lost alot of stuff and it was dirty and the cats knocked over my stuff all the time so my products were getting broken left and right.

I give you my before:
How I found anything in all that mess is unknown to me cause that is just a straight mess. I found  so much lost and forgotten crap it is unreal.

so when we got the tall dresser I figured dear hubby had over purchased furniture little did I know that he had organization up his sleeve, and if anyone was wondering we have the HOPEN series, we just changed our hardware on it to make it our own.

  one drawer changed my world:
 okay before I offer this peak, please refrain from all the lectures on my cosmetics, I dont really care I like what I like and thats all, and a precaution I am not going to show the entire drawer.

the drawers are gorgeous and deep and they spread across 3.5 ft and are 2 ft deep all of my cosmetics fit in beautifully, and they are all held together in a nice organized space with awesome 1.09 bins from wally-world. I literally can now open a drawer and see everything in  a pretty lil spot. its awesome sheer awesomeness. This morning I did a trial run and having everything in one space shaved literally 13 minutes off my daily routine. Freaken amazing!

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  1. Lord knows I need these drawers!! Lol. I'm tired of being so unorganized and messy. I have a feeling these would change my life as well. ;)