Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday evening

Okay so a couple of days ago I mentioned the ill fated dresser drawers that feel apart on me. I was sad seriously because everything Hub and I have have tried was not fixing our situation. As much as I am looking forward to a new bedroom set I was still clothing storage impaired. Cue in Daddy, the handy-man, who not only fixed the bowing dresser sideboard, and the dismembered back side but reinforced it so I don't have to buy a new one. I credit my want and desire to fix anything that maybe broken so I dont have to spend any more money to my parents. I never saw them meet a challenge they couldn't concur together. My fix it issue literally took my dad ten minutes to make it better than new. I feel relieved.Uh so I guess I have no excuse to get all the clothing into the drawers now huh? Damn..
Speaking of relief I have to admit I am in need of some emotional relief and I don't even know why. I am on the hunt the hunt for the means to void the feeling. I had some boba tea, I painted my nails, I made an earl grey tea. I even reorganized my kitchen cabinets. I am thinking after I fix the bathroom up a bit this week and go to the grocery store I will pick it in mood. Does anyone else ever get into a funk like this? How do you cure it?
I honestly feel like it is an organization thing, cause when i look around right now I feel like buried. The junk room in the back is going to be my greatest triumph yet in this house. I just want the functionality of it back. It is supposed to be a guest room/work out space/game room area. Right now its this awful catch all thats got about ten boxes in it. Hmmmmmm i should do a before and after... yeah thats what I will do.
I have a few new cake recipes that I am anticipating trying out then posting on here for you guys. Ladies I may do a beauty post as well.