Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I got kinda lost in life this weekend yikes! I had every intentions on hoping on here I had so much to say! Once upon a time I was caught quite often writing my blogs by hand as they came to me so I could then transfer them over to the 'net. I dont know why I stopped that practice, I think I will take it up again.

We are for the most part very much homebodies, we have barbqs, movie nights, but we dont go out. However this weekend we found our social life, and let me say this, I am a friggen old lady cause I am so tired! We went out with friends to this bar/poker night thingy, everyone was so very nice but going after being at work for a for the day I was ready to pass out by 10. Sunday was more of just a food coma exhausted, Hub and C mastered a plan to go out to eat for breakfast which turned into jamba juice, which turned into greasy pizza, which turned into popcorn, damn I am sleepy just reading that. I came home passed out without even looking twice at the computer.

I am finally passing this feeling of where I need to stand outside and just scream at the top of my lungs.I am not feeling a hundred percent emotionally content but I dont feel the sense of anger that seemed to be sitting in my heart. There was a lot of reservations that I had about talking about my emotions, not feelings but emotions. I know that there will be some that think I am a total nut case and then some that will have an ah-ha moment and learn something about my behavior.

Tonight I will have two more post up, a dessert recipe and a normal post. I just wanted to explain my where abouts