Saturday, May 12, 2012

the rain in spain falls mostly well in san antonio this week

It has been super rainy this past week. which for the sake of my grass i totally prefer. After last summer and my ground looking a like a canyon in some spots I have done rain prayers every week.

So I saw the Avengers this weekend and now I see why it was hyped so much it was really funny. i typically dont like the theater, it makes me super nervous and antsy because I am not fully able to see whats going on around me ( yes I am a weirdo I know) but now that jakes been willing to go to showings a few days after the release dates and its not so crowded its a lil easier on me.

I will be back to 30x30 on monday after taking a few days okay weeks off. Hey it was casual week at work I had to take advantage of that.

Sweater Mossimo//Skinnies:Avenue//Boots:Avenue

eyes:urban decay:haight and buff//makeup forever:aqua black
fingers: misa speed of life

this weeks lip is Rimmel Kate 24 with Revlon Beyond Natural gloss in Peachy

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